Wondergenie Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.
Wondergenie Trade Links Pvt. Ltd.
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    Wondergenie Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. & Wondergenie PPMO&C Pvt. Pvt. Ltd.


    Wondergenie Trade Links Private Limited was incorporated at Jaipur, Rajasthan and registered on January 2005 with a share capital of Rs. 60 Lacs and Paid up capital also of Rs. 60 Lacs. Wondergenie PPMO&C Private Limited was incorporated at Jaipur, Rajasthan and registered on July 2001 with a share capital of Rs. 1 Lacs and Paid up capital also of Rs. 10 Lacs. (UNITEDLY REFERRED TO AS WONDERGENIE GROUP). The company being an Army Officers' and Women’s enterprise had accumulated a vast network in many fields with the top most specialists having total faith in the Company and its ability to conceptualize and integrate projects and to bring them to the start line with least financial exposure and minimum time frame. Some of our achievements as enumerated in the website are :

    • Starting up Volvo buses for passenger logistics from Jaipur to Delhi, Dehradun to Delhi, Jammu to Delhi and Puri to Kolkata as also Bhubaneswar to Rourkela (Joint Venture on equal profit sharing with Mahindra & Mahindra Logistics Services) . This operation won accolades and praise at national level being the first of its kind. 
    • The second was the creation of the IBM approved one of the largest Chrome Ore enrichment plant in Odisha evolving path breaking measures for minimum slurry, and, disposal of cancerous slurry without any risk to any form of life and also putting it to good use. 
    • Wondergenie also created the first regional airline in India covering Odisha which has since been copied by many. 

    The outline details of our achievements / participation is spelt out in the website and we look forward to keep on breaking newer frontiers along with perfection and excellence.

    About Us

    IT Development

    We are in the process of working on some really interesting projects on IoT & AI and would love to have exciting people join our team.  We are also a design solutions firm helping our clients in providing solutions for affordable manufacturing and creating prototypes. IoT is a new addition and we are making strides in that area The Company had been  a recipient of Expression of Interest from TATA Consultancy Services for jointly developing Railway Safety Software as also Developing Light Motor Vehicle Simulator & Small Arms Simulators in a joint venture.


    Solar is the future. We at Wondergenie are constantly exploring more and more options to make the world a better place by utilising solar energy. Help us make a difference!


    • The Company provided Master Mariners and Chief Engineers for Shell Offshore Oil Exploration at Port Harcourt to Adamac Group of Companies in Nigeria.
    • The Company had a contract with Petroleum India International for jointly carrying out turn around maintenance (TAM) of oil refineries at  Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 
    • The Company had an offer for a joint venture agreement with Petroleum India International for laying Amenas gas pipeline for Halliburton in Algeria which was rejected by the Company on the ground of Indians being offered much less salary vis-a-vis the European counterparts for the same job.


    • Joint venture on logistic operations with Mahindra & Mahindra for transportation of milk from Rajasthan to Assam for our Armed Forces and their movement to troubled areas where other transportation companies were unable to perform. 
    • To provide transport solutions to the government of Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Orissa and Jammu & Kashmir jointly with Mahindra & Mahindra Logistics Services, by providing them for the very first time, VOLVO buses in a joint venture. It was the first time that the VOLVO were introduced in the states mentioned above which in no time became one of the safest and most convenient means of travelling on the roads. This has improved the intercity connectivity and travel comfort and also gave Government a very high return besides boosting the tourist industry. This project won the national award for the best project in high-end passenger transport for the year 2005-06.


    Earlier owner of IBM approved beneficiation plant  of Chrome Concentrate for enrichment of Chrome

    Marketing Consultant for Minerals

    Wonder Aviation

    First in the Country to introduce regional airlines in the state of Odisha.

    On The Horizon : Holistic Treatment

    One of the Founder members after having suffered from Cancer of Breast followed by mets Brain, Spine, Bones and partly pancreas was treated by our in-house research for cancer cure and as against the prophecy of Doctors 5 years ago that she had only two months, she is now cancer free because of holistic treatment and balancing out different forms of therapy to build synergy. This also involved diet, yog, meditation and relevant exercises to increase the oxygen levels and balance the alkalinity. The holistic approach have made her totally cancer free and self reliant for last 4 years. We are now formalizing such treatment and trying to establish a low cost Holistic treatment centre further adding to our current skill sets with DNA & Genetic options.

    People with actual recovery experience and Doctors / Scientists willing to look at Holistic Treatment for combined attack on diesease may like to communicate and help take this process further.

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